What Does Home Care Assistance Include?

Home Care Assistance in Spotswood NJ

Home Care Assistance in Spotswood NJ

Home care assistance can really help seniors who want to remain in their homes as they age. Seniors who have medical conditions that can make it difficult for them to live alone can get the help they need to continue living independently. And even seniors who don’t have any special medical needs can benefit from home care assistance that will help with chores around the house and other tasks that just get harder as people get older. If you can’t be there every day to help your senior loved one, care providers can fill in the gaps so that your senior loved one can be safe and happy at home.

The type of services that home caregivers provide are customized to fit the needs of your senior parent but usually include:


Housecleaning is something that most seniors need some extra help with. Vacuuming, dusting, mopping, doing dishes, laundry, and other common housecleaning tasks are often included as part of home care assistance. Deep cleaning, yard work, shoveling snow in the winter, and other labor-intensive types of cleanings may not be included depending on what care agency you hire a caregiver through. Make sure that you talk with any care provider in detail about what jobs you’d like them to do for your senior parent so that there is a clear understanding by both parties of what should be getting done.


Home care assistance does include cooking, meal preparation, and meal cleanup. It often also includes food shopping if your senior loved one has trouble shopping. Home care assistance can either go with your senior loved one to the store to help them lift items and carry bags or it can include unpacking delivered groceries if your senior loved one uses a grocery delivery service. With so many delivery services to choose from these days many seniors are opting for grocery delivery instead of going to the store.

Medication Management

Getting help managing medications can make a big difference for seniors who are trying to juggle a lot of medications. With professional help seniors are less likely to mix up their medications, take them at the wrong times, or make other mistakes that could make those medications not as effective as the should be. With home care, you can be confident that your senior loved one isn’t taking their medications when they shouldn’t be, taking the wrong dose, or running out of medications that they need to have.

Errands And Chores

Many seniors find it difficult to run errands and outside chores like mailing things or going to the store, especially if they are no longer able to drive. With home care assistance they can get the items they need and have errands run for them when they need something. It makes it easier for seniors at home to do things like to go the bank or the post office or to their favorite store to see what’s new.


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