The Best Indoor Summer Activities For Seniors

Companion Care at Home in Las Vegas NV

Companion Care at Home in Las Vegas NV

During the hottest months of the year it may be too hot for seniors to be doing activities outside. During those times it’s important to have companion care at home for seniors so that they don’t become socially isolated. When seniors have companion care at home, they will have someone to talk with, eat with, and do some fun indoor summer activities with. Some of the best indoor summer activities that seniors can enjoy when the weather is very hot are:

Movie Marathons

Movie marathons are the perfect way to escape the heat. If your senior loved one prefers to be at home a movie marathon streamed on TV with all the blackout curtains drawn will give your senior loved one and their companion the chance to spend the afternoon in the cool darkness watching your senior loved one’s favorite movies. If your senior loved one is up for an outing a companion can take your senior loved one to the movie theater to see some movies in the cool air conditioned theater with great snacks. Either way your senior parent will get to spend some quality time in the cool indoors.

Craft Projects

Making crafts is always fun for seniors. Painting, knitting, drawing, or other crafts are the perfect way to spend a summer day. Staying inside where the air conditioning is will keep your senior loved one cool throughout the hot summer days and working on a favorite craft will give them a sense of purpose and connection. Summer is the perfect time for your senior parent to try a craft that they have always wanted to learn how to do like quilting or painting.

Museum Visits

Another great way to spend a summer day is visiting a local museum. Most of the time the museums are empty in the summer because schools are on vacation so there won’t be throngs of kids rushing around. The history museum, science center, or aquarium are all fun places to spend a day indoors while seeing all kinds of cool things. Many are accessible for seniors who have walkers or wheelchairs too. Your senior loved one’s companion can call ahead to make sure that any place your senior wants to visit has the accommodations they need. You might want to take a day off and go with them if you can take time off from your job.

Library Trips

Taking a senior loved one to the library is one of the best things that you or a companion care provider can do. Libraries have so much more than just books these days. Your senior loved one can stock up on books, audiobooks, music, DVDs, and more. Some libraries now also have craft supplies and tools that people can borrow. They can also get instruction from local artists at the library. And all of it is free with a library card. Some libraries also have social groups and book clubs that meet right at the library so that your senior loved one can make friends with other local seniors.

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