How Can 24-Hour Home Care Benefit Your Elderly Loved One?

24-Hour Home Care South River NJ

24-Hour Home Care South River NJ

If you are caring for your elderly loved one, you might find it difficult to keep all the pieces together. You have your own responsibilities, overnight care for your elderly loved one and other tasks to do, as well. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, it’s okay to ask for help. Even if you are handling everything alright, getting 24-hour home care services for your elderly loved one may be a good idea.

Increased Falls or Tripping

Does your elderly loved one get up a lot throughout the night? If so, there is a higher chance that they can trip and fall, then get injured. They may not be able to see the edges of carpets or wetness that might be on the bathroom floor very well. In addition, if your elderly loved one needs to go up and downstairs to use the bathroom or to get a drink at night, that also increases their risk of falling and tripping. If this is a concern, you can get 24-hour home care services. The home care providers will help your elderly loved one throughout the night to greatly lower their risk of injury.

Urinary Incontinence

Does your elderly loved one struggle with urinary incontinence? While there are adult diapers and other urinary incontinence products and even medications they might be prescribed, there is still a chance they can leak through the diaper. Not only that, but sometimes senior citizens need help getting a new adult diaper out and putting it on. If your elderly loved one is struggling with this health condition, the 24-hour home care providers can come into their home at night and change their adult diapers, help them get to the bathroom at night, or help with other urinary incontinence issues.

Prevent Wandering

If your elderly loved one has a neurodegenerative condition, they have a much higher risk of getting lost. The reason for this is that people with these conditions often wander away at nighttime. They do this during the day, too, but the nighttime hours are when sundowning hits. Sundowners worsens confusion, memory loss, irritability, and other symptoms of dementia. When people with these conditions are feeling overwhelmed, possibly due to these issues, they may try to leave the environment they are in – their home in this case. The 24-hour home care providers can stick around your elderly loved one’s home at night to keep them from wandering away.


If your elderly loved one has urinary incontinence, a high risk of falling or tripping, or they are likely to wander away, senior care services at night are likely to be beneficial. There are many other reasons why you might want to hire 24-hour home care providers, as well. If you want to find out more about what these providers can do for your elderly loved one, reach out to us today. That way, you can find help for all the nighttime care that your elderly loved one needs.


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