Three Books to Read Together on National Read a Book Day

In-Home care in East Brunswick NJ

In-Home care in East Brunswick NJ

National Read a Book Day falls each year on September 6th. This is a day for people to get lost in their love of books. Why join your mom and read a book together? These three books celebrate the relationships between family members.

Falling by T. J. Newman

If your mom enjoys suspense novels, T. J. Newman’s story has a gripping story where you don’t know how it will end. Captain Bill Hoffman is assigned to a flight at the last minute, and he is not prepared for what is about to happen.

After takeoff, his wife calls, only it’s not his wife. She and their children have been taken hostage. If Bill does not crash the plane and kill the passengers, she and their children will die at the hands of terrorists. While he tells them he refuses to do either of those actions, Bill knows he must ultimately decide who will live and die.

The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah

This historical fiction novel is set in the 1920s. While it’s her parents’ dream to marry her off, Elsa Wolcott wants to go to college and see the world. She’s been raised to believe she’s not pretty enough and likely to be a spinster. When the son of Italian immigrants takes a liking to her, she experiences excitement, but it comes with a price.

When her parents learn of her interactions with the boy, her parents disown her. She’s forced to marry Rafe, but it’s a marriage that’s not truly based on love. A decade later, Rafe’s gone, and the Dust Bowl hits.

One Plus One by Jojo Moyes

Single mom Jess will do anything to get her daughter to Scotland in time for a life-changing opportunity. At the same time, Jess’s husband walked away and left Jess with a step-son who their neighbors are bullying. She wants to do her best for both kids.

To get them to Scotland, Jess will do what it takes. In this case, her client, Ed Nicholls, agrees to take them. He’s rich, but he’s in trouble as he’s accused of insider trading. His life, while he has more money than Jess, isn’t any improvement. Yet, somehow the four of them make the best of it and set off.

Your mom loves to read, but her eyesight isn’t as good as it was. You don’t have enough time to read to her every day, and it frustrates her. With in-home care, your mom can have a caregiver read one of these popular books about families to enjoy together. Call an in-home care specialist to get started.

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