These days, many family caregivers don’t have the option to live close to their elderly loved ones. If you happen to live far from your elderly loved one, it can be difficult making sure their needs are met. It is especially difficult when a loved one gets sick. This is why you need to build a support network. With a network of people who can provide care for your elderly loved one, you can ensure their needs are met. Keep reading for tips on creating a support network for your elderly loved one today.

Ask What Your Elderly Loved One Needs

One of the very first things you should do when creating a support network is to ask what your elderly loved one needs. You should ask your elderly loved one a few questions which include the following:

  • What kind of activities and tasks do they do every day?
  • Are any tasks difficult for them?
  • Do they have regular appointments?
  • Do they need transportation to their appointments?
  • What entertainment do they like?
  • Do they like going to the movies or visiting senior centers?

Once you know how your elderly loved one spends their time it will be easier to help them. You will know what kind of support network is needed to ensure they are living their best life.

Talk to Your Elderly Loved One’s Doctor

You should have your elderly loved one give written permission that allows you to talk with their doctors. Once you are given permission, take some time to speak with the medical professionals who care for your elderly loved one. Talk to them about your loved one’s medical condition. Knowing all about your loved one’s medical issues will help you understand the care they need every day.

Get Family Members, Friends, and Others Onboard

It can help everyone who is involved with caring for your elderly loved one to get others onboard. You should start by making a list of questions that you and your elderly loved one can answer together. Some questions to consider include the following:

  • Can a family member offer support by regularly visiting your elderly loved one?
  • Could a neighbor stop by to take out the trash?
  • Is there anyone who could do the grocery shopping for your elderly loved one?
  • Would a niece or nephew be able to take your elderly loved one to their doctor’s appointments?
  • Can someone get their mail, especially in the winter months?

Once you get a group of people who can help out, create a list of everyone’s phone numbers. This way everyone can contact one another.


As a family caregiver, it is wise to create a support network for your elderly loved one. This type of network can make life easier for everyone involved. Things can be easier for you, your loved one, their doctors, the home care providers, and everyone else who is involved in their care. It can also give your elderly loved one more people to talk to on a regular basis.


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