If your senior is seeing benefits from her exercise routine, that’s wonderful. But there may be times when she should either avoid working out altogether or seriously slow down her exercise plans.

New Symptoms Are Showing Up

It’s not unusual for new symptoms to pop up now and again, but when your senior already has health concerns, those new symptoms could mean something. It’s important, especially if those symptoms are unusual, that your senior holds off on things like exercise and talks with her doctor. That gives her a chance to at least assess what’s happening.

She Has a Fever

If one of the symptoms your senior has is a fever, it’s a lot better for her to wait on exercise. Fevers typically mean that her body is fighting off some sort of infection. She might be dealing with a viral or bacterial infection, but the end result is the same. She needs to figure out what she’s facing before she stresses her body further by exercising. Failing to do so could cause her to injure herself, and that’s definitely something she wants to avoid.

She’s Recently Had Surgery or a Big Injury

A big injury, like a sprain or worse, or even a surgery is again something that take a toll on your senior’s body. These situations can leave your elderly family member open to falling or injuring herself severely and that’s a big problem. In the case of a surgery, an injury could even mean that the results of that surgery are affected because she didn’t wait.

She’s Got Doctor’s Orders

The other thing to consider is that your elderly family member’s doctor may let her know that she needs to slow down or stop her workouts. There could be any number of reasons for that, ranging from preventing an injury to dealing with an unexpected health concern. If your senior’s doctor does let her know that she needs to hold off on her workouts, she needs to adhere to those orders. There’s probably a very good reason for those instructions and she shouldn’t push herself too hard.

Working out alone might not be a great idea for your senior when she does get back to her exercise plan. It might be a good idea for her to have a caregiver with her so that she’s as safe as possible when she gets the go ahead from her doctor to get moving again.

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