Does your senior need a little more help with mobility as she’s gotten older? That’s not uncommon. These tips can help.

Carpets and Rugs Might Have to Go

One of the biggest impediments to safety in your senior’s home could be her flooring. Hard flooring can be difficult enough to manage safely, but if rugs and carpets are in poor condition or slip around, that’s a huge issue. There may be times that for safety’s sake, you have to simply remove rugs and flooring. This can especially be true if your senior uses a cane, walker, or a wheelchair.

Ramps Improve Mobility Even without a Wheelchair

Whether your elderly family member uses a wheelchair or not, ramps can make stairs so much safer and easier to navigate. The ramp is something that your elderly family member can walk up or down at her own pace and at the size of her own paces, which is important to note. If she takes small steps or has a shuffling gait, ramps are perfect to help her to walk safely.

Doors Can Be Widened, to an Extent

Some homes have narrow doorways that may have never been a problem in the past. But now that your senior is using assistive devices or needs help from you to walk safely, she may find that her doors are not as navigable as they used to be. This may be something that can be adjusted. It’s worth looking into the options available, especially if your elderly family member is determined to stay in her current home.

Bathroom Modifications Are Especially Important

One of the most important rooms in which to address safety issues has got to be the bathroom. Your senior is particularly vulnerable in the bathroom and there are lots of safety tools you can install. The most prolific is probably handrails, especially in the shower stall or tub. Adding a shower chair and looking for other ways to make the bathroom safer for her is vital.

Small Modifications Elsewhere Can Be Important

There are other areas that could use a safety swap, too. Doorknobs are one such modification. Sometimes the round knob is difficult to operate, but another style, particularly a lever, is much easier. If your senior is prone to wandering, special locks or door alarms are also important.

Elderly care providers can help your senior to navigate her home safely, too. This is especially important if she needs assistance in order to be mobile.

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