What is your body trying to tell you? If you’re experiencing some of these issues, you might need some time away from caregiving.

You’re Feeling Moodier Than Usual

You might not think that your moods or emotions are a sign from your body, but they are. When you’re starting to experience too much stress or you’ve been running too hard for too long, you might start to notice emotional changes first. Moodiness can be one of the first signs that you need to be paying more attention to yourself.

You’re Experiencing Weight Fluctuations

When your weight is changing, especially when you’re not actively trying to make your weight change, that’s a sign that some things are going on that you’re not noticing. Perhaps you’re stress eating or you’re forgetting to eat more often. Regardless, this is a sign that your eating habits may be farther off than you thought they were.

You’re Not Sleeping Well

If you’re not getting the sleep that you need all sorts of aspects of your life and your health are going to be more difficult to manage. Start paying attention to whether you’re going to bed too late or having trouble getting to sleep at all. Finding a solution now might involve taking some time away so that you can learn to relax a little, especially before sleep.

You’ve Got Aches and Pains

Your body is going to make some announcements to you, too. Part of the aches and pains you might be experiencing can be tied to nutritional changes and to problems with sleep. Your body needs fuel and sleep in order to repair itself and to be able to keep up with the physical demands you’re making. If you’re hurting more than you should be or more than usual, something is definitely up.

You’re Not Spending Time with People You Care About

When you’re not spending time with the people you love beyond your senior, that can mean that you’re depriving yourself of contact that would help you to cope. Reach out to friends and other people you love on a regular basis. Some of the respite time you start taking might involve meeting up with them in person.

Respite time is going to help you to make sure you’re feeling your best so you can keep being a caregiver. Work with senior care providers to set up times that you can leave caregiving behind for a few hours at a time.

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