It might be time to investigate what exactly senior care services can do for your elderly family member. These are just a few of the ways they can help.

Handle Grocery Shopping and Cooking

Eating right means eating nutritious meals that are often made with whole ingredients that need to not only be cooked, but also purchased. That can be a lot for your senior to handle, especially if she lives on her own. Cooking for one can feel like so much trouble that she might stick with convenience foods, which are notoriously high in sugar, salt, and other ingredients that you might not want her eating. Elder care providers can take over those duties, though, letting your senior rest and enjoy.

Keep Her House Clean

Cleaning and keeping up with all the little demands of housework can become tedious, too. Having someone else come in and take over those duties can be a huge relief for your senior. She doesn’t have to choose between struggling through housework on her own or living in surroundings that are becoming increasingly unsafe for her.

Manage Her Laundry

Besides grocery shopping, cooking, and housework, another task that doesn’t ever go away is laundry. It can pile up and become ever more intimidating, earning it the nickname Mt. Laundry from so many people. Some aging adults become so aggravated by laundry that they can start to do things like purchase new clothing rather than washing the clothing they already own.

Take on Transportation

When driving is a safety issue, having someone else do the driving for your senior is one of the best ideas you can offer. Having elder care providers doing the driving helps to ensure that your senior has transportation help available on a moment’s notice. This is especially helpful if she likes to be spontaneous.

Assist with Personal Care Tasks

Personal care tasks are tasks like bathing, dressing, and going to the bathroom. These are tasks that your senior may need help with, and yet feel uncomfortable about requiring that help. Senior care providers are used to this juxtaposition and they can help your elderly family member to feel more comfortable and dignified during this process.

There is so much more that elder care providers can do both for your senior and for you. Talk to them about what your senior’s needs are so that you can learn more about what home care can do to support your caregiving efforts.

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