Caregivers in Plainsboro NJ: 4 Reasons for Older Adults to Get Comfortable with Tech

Caregivers in Plainsboro NJ: 4 Reasons for Older Adults to Get Comfortable with Tech

Take a moment to think about the changes your aging parent has seen in the world during their lifetime. Television wasn’t invented until 1927, so it was relatively new during their childhood. Now, we’ve got cable television with more channels than they could have dreamed of in their younger days. We’ve also got streaming services that bring movies and shows not just to our televisions, but also to all our mobile devices. Now days, some people skip owning a television all together and just use their computers for viewing. Just that one aspect of technology has changed so much while your parent has been alive that it’s no wonder many older adults feel like fish out of water when it comes to technology. But, here’s the thing, if your parent is still avoiding new technology, they’re missing out on so much. Does your parent need some convincing? Here are 4 reasons caregivers should help older adults to get comfortable with new technologies.

#1 Technology Can Keep Them Connected

For older adults who have trouble getting out of the house, technology can allow them to remain connected with friends and families. By getting comfortable with social media, seniors can share pictures with others, so they can watch their grandchildren grow up even when they cannot be there. In addition to social media, texting is a quick and convenient way for seniors and their family caregivers to be able to check in with one another throughout the day.

#2 Technology Can Help Them Communicate

There are many medical conditions that can make verbal communication difficult or even impossible. Today, there are technologies designed specifically to help people with disabilities to have a voice. There are even some that help people in advanced stages of dementia to communicate. Caregivers can talk to their parent’s doctor, occupational, or speech therapist about technology and devices that may be useful to them.

#3 Technology Can Give Them Independence

Seniors who are in the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease can remain independent for longer using GPS technology. There are devices that older adults can wear in the form of a bracelet or necklace that can be connected to a caregiver’s smartphone. These devices allow the caregiver to see where the senior is, so they can help the person get home safely if needed. This kind of technology lets people with mild dementia leave the house with confidence since their caregivers can find them if they get lost.

#4 Technology Can Help Them Be Healthier

There are all kinds of apps and devices on the market that can remind seniors when it is time to take their medications or schedule a medical appointment. Using these reminders, older adults can avoid missing doses of medications. It can also keep them from taking extra doses because they’ve forgotten if they took it already.


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