Easy Spring Gardening Tips For Seniors

Senior Home Care in Monroe NJ

Senior Home Care in Monroe NJ

April is finally here and now it’s time for seniors that are aging in place to get busy planning and starting those spring gardens. Gardening is a great activity for seniors. It gets seniors outdoors and help them get more activity into their day. And studies show that planting flowers and tending to trees can be very good for mental health as well as physical health. Many seniors enjoy gardening, especially if they have some outdoor space they can use to create a garden. Seniors can also plant fruits and vegetables so that they have a constant supply of healthy food on hand. Nothing tastes better than food that comes from a backyard garden. Seniors who want to start a garden this year can use these tips to get started:

Try Container Gardening

Seniors whose soil isn’t ideal for gardening or who don’t want to put in the time and effort to dig up large patches of their yard for a garden or seniors that may find it physically difficult to prepare the yard for a garden can try container gardening instead. Container gardening is easy to do and there are many different types of containers that are pre-made and ready to buy. From raised beds to patio-friendly boxes and vertical planting walls container gardening gives seniors the chance to get the benefits of gardening without having to till the soil to do it.

Get Senior Home Care

There are some parts of gardening that are physically difficult, and those tasks may be too difficult for some seniors. Senior home care can help seniors garden by making sure that seniors have all the supplies they need or making a run to the local garden supply to get what they need. Senior home care can also help seniors with things like weeding and watering the plants that are growing in the garden if seniors are unable to do those tasks easily by themselves.

Talk To Local Experts

Seniors that are new to gardening may not be very familiar with what plants or flowers grow well in their climate zone. For gardening purposes the entire country is broken up into zones based on the weather and the typical types of soil found in the area. Seniors who are not sure what plants they should grow can get help from gardening experts at any local gardening supply center or from gardeners and growers at the local farmers market. Finding out what plants will grow best in their climate will help senior narrow down what plants they should grow this year.

Go Hiking For Inspiration

Seniors that want to make sure they highlight native flowers and plants can get inspiration from a nice hike in the park or at the local nature preserve or state park. Walking through nature and seeing all of the different kinds of plants and flowers that grow naturally in that area should help inspire seniors when it comes to choosing what plants and flowers they want to grow.

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