Tips For Helping A Senior Parent Who Has Incontinence

Incontinence is something that is common among seniors. But it’s something that seniors often don’t want to talk about because they are embarrassed by it. One of the best things that families can do to support seniors who have incontinence is get them personal care at home. Personal care at home gives seniors the dignity of having someone to help them with personal tasks like using the bathroom who isn’t their child or family member. It gives seniors the help they need without making them embarrassed. In addition to bringing in personal care at home, family members can do these things to help seniors who have incontinence:

Waterproof Furniture And Mattresses

Your senior parent may have occasional accidents even if they have good briefs and supplies. It’s a smart idea to put down waterproof covers or incontinence pads on their favorite chair, the couch, and any other furniture they like to use. Also put a large pad or mat on the bed as well as a waterproof mattress cover. That way any accidents can be easily cleaned up and they won’t pose a health risk to your senior loved one. While it might take your senior parent a little bit to get used to the feel of sitting on the waterproof covers or sleeping on the mattress pads they will adjust quickly and it will be no big deal.

Keep Supplies Stocked

Seniors may be very hesitant to discuss their incontinence with you, and that can include telling you when they are running low on supplies. When seniors have personal care at home, a care provider can let you know when it’s time to stock up on supplies. But you can also set up an auto-ship for items like incontinence briefs in the size and style your senior parent prefers, baby wipes, diaper cream, and any other supplies that your senior loved one uses to stay clean, sanitary, and fresh. Keeping those supplies fully stocked so that your senior doesn’t have to ask you to get them is one way that you can respect their dignity.

Keep A Bag Of Supplies In The Car

A very smart thing to do is to keep a bag of supplies in your car or their car so that if they go out to a restaurant, a party, or an appointment and they have an accident there are clean clothes, briefs, wipes, and other supplies readily accessible for them to use. Because seniors can be very sensitive about being incontinent preparing in advance for a situation like this is something they will be grateful for if they need to use them.

Be Kind

Remember that seniors are often sensitive about being incontinent and be kind whenever a situation comes up. Use humor and kindness to address the situation so that your senior loved one doesn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. Incontinence happens, and it’s really no big deal. If you treat it as if it’s not a shameful thing they will not feel like it is.

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