The Best Meals For Seniors After A Stroke

Elder Care in East Brunswick NJ

Elder Care in East Brunswick NJ

What seniors eat after a stroke is very important. Eating certain foods can either help their recovery or hurt it. The dietary choices that seniors make after a stroke can lower their chance of having another stroke. If you’re not sure how to prepare healthy meals for a seniors after a stroke or you don’t have time to make special meals daily, elder care can help.

If your senior parent recently had a stroke, you should know that changing their diet right away can help prevent a second stroke. But if your senior parent has some paralysis or trouble swallowing as a result of their stroke the foods they eat may need to be changed because of their restricted ability to eat.

Some of the meals that great for seniors after a stroke are:


Leafy greens are one of the best things for seniors to eat after a stroke. Mix a variety of leafy greens with things like hard cooked eggs or grilled chicken to create a nutritious salad. Use a lot of kale and spinach which are packed with vitamins and minerals. If your senior loved one has difficulty swallowing or chewing, make smoothies using leafy greens, fresh fruit juice, and some fruits like bananas or berries to make extremely healthy smoothies that your senior loved one can enjoy.

Lean Protein-Based Dishes

If your senior loved one is able to have regular meals choose meals that are have a base of lean protein like chicken or fish and pair them with vegetables. If you are going to add noodles to the dish use whole grain noodles that aren’t heavily processed. But the best meals for seniors after a stroke are really lean proteins and lots of vegetables.

Low Fat Meals

It’s also important to watch the fat content in meals that you’re serving a senior after a stroke. Try substituting low fat margarine for butter, or use coconut oil or virgin olive oil instead of butter in meals that you’re making. Avoid beef and other high fat meats. When your senior loved one really won’t eat another salad, stick to fish, chicken, turkey, or another lean meat.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are healthy and can help digestion but they need to be whole grains that aren’t heavily processed. The noodle dishes or rice side dishes that are cheap at the grocery store are not healthy for seniors to eat after a stroke. Look for pasta that is fresh and made from whole grains or make your own. Oats are another great whole grain that is filling, nutritious, and gentle on the digestive tract. Whole oats will also help seniors stay regular and avoid gas and bloating.

How Elder Care Can Help

With elder care, a caregiver can cook their meals and make sure that they are eating enough. In addition, elder care can help your senior follow any prescribed medications or recovery instructions from their doctor following a stroke. Elder care providers can transport seniors to any follow-up doctor appointments and therapy sessions, as well.


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