5 Facts about Osteoporosis

Home Care Assistance in Plainsboro NJ

Home Care Assistance in Plainsboro NJ

Most people have heard of osteoporosis, but they don’t necessarily know what it is or how it can affect the lives of the people who have it. Knowing more about osteoporosis helps you to make the right choices for your senior so that she can stay as healthy as possible. If your senior hasn’t been screened recently for osteoporosis, now might be a good time to schedule an appointment.

Osteoporosis Makes Bones Weaker and More Likely to Break

Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bones to be a lot weaker than they should be. Ultimately, these weaker bones are much more likely to fracture, which can bring with it a whole lot of other health issues and complications. Osteoporosis is more likely if your elderly family member has a family history of the condition, so it’s important to know what your senior’s risk factors are.

Symptoms Might Not Be Obvious

One of the big issues with osteoporosis is that there really aren’t obvious symptoms that could help your senior to know what’s going on sooner. Some of the signs, like losing height, might be ones that she shrugs off as being related to something else. Often people are diagnosed with osteoporosis because they have broken a bone way too easily.

Osteoporosis Brings Some Complications with It

Many people don’t realize that osteoporosis can actually be fatal. That’s because there are complications that arise from osteoporosis that are very dangerous. Your elderly family member may experience multiple fractures, which can lead to infections that can affect her entire body. Her mobility may also be reduced to almost zero, which can lead to other health concerns. It’s vital that if your senior does have osteoporosis that she’s reducing her fall risk as much as possible.

Preventing Osteoporosis Means Trying a Few Things

Taking calcium and vitamin D supplements are a good start if your elderly family member wants to prevent osteoporosis. Improving her diet so that she’s eating a balanced, healthy diet is also important. Home care assistance can come in handy when making these types of changes because they can handle the heavier aspects of cooking and meal preparation. Your senior should also prioritize weight-bearing exercises that can help to strengthen her bones.

What if Your Senior Already Has Osteoporosis?

But what if your elderly family member already has osteoporosis? That isn’t the end of the world, but she needs to follow her doctor’s care plan. Elder care providers can assist your senior with housekeeping and ensuring that her home is as free of tripping hazards as possible. Home care assistance can also remind your senior to stay on target with her care plan. Remaining consistent with the treatment plans and recommendations from her doctor is going to help your senior to have a better time managing her osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis often isn’t considered to be as serious as it truly is. If your elderly family member is at risk of developing osteoporosis, she needs to address what she can as soon as she can in order to try preventing it.

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