How Technology Can Help Your Senior with Dementia

Home Care Assistance in Manalapan NJ

Home Care Assistance in Manalapan NJ

If you are caring for your elderly loved one and they have dementia, it may be a good idea to take some time to learn about how technology can help out. There are so many technological advances these days including everything from robotic cleaning supplies to social networking and much more. When it comes to dementia care at home, you and home care assistance providers can use technology to help your elderly loved one in the following ways.

Having Them Play Games

There are a multitude of games that are online or on tablets that you can have your elderly loved one play if they have dementia. Some of these games can help to slow down the progression of memory loss. Other games, can just help to prevent your elderly loved one from being bored. Some of the best games on electronics on and offline for those with dementia include:

  • Scrabble
  • Checkers
  • Brain puzzles
  • Trivia games
  • Tapping games

If you need help finding the best games for your elderly loved one, you can even search electronic games for people with dementia. You should find entire lists come up.

Book and Music Apps

In addition to the game apps, your elderly loved one could benefit from book and music apps, as well. There are so many different apps that could help them including online reading, audiobooks, music apps that have playlists, and much more. If your elderly loved one doesn’t have a smartphone, you or a home care assistance provider could play the audiobooks or music on a desktop or laptop computer. You could also play them from your phone when you are at your elderly loved one’s home.

Technology Pets

Did you know there are technology pets? Some of them were created specifically for the elderly. You can find a robotic dog or cat that moves and makes noises just like a real pet. If your elderly loved one has dementia, it is unlikely they could care for a real pet on their own. However, they won’t have to feed the technology pet, but they could still spend time with it and play with it.


Does your elderly loved one have dementia? If so, now you know about how technology can help your elderly loved one. These tips can help prevent boredom, help them to focus, slow down the progression of memory loss, and improve their daily lifestyle in so many ways. Home care providers can be there to help your senior loved one understand new technology and be the human companion that technology cannot.

If you want to find more technological advances that would benefit someone with dementia, you can do a quick online search for dementia-based products. Once you go through these lists, you can get the products that you believe would help out your elderly loved one the most.


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