Bedtime and Stress-Relieving Tea for Seniors

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Sleep is necessary for a healthy body and mind. Sleep is just as critical to our physical and mental health as in our youth. A good night’s sleep aids in the development of focus and memory, enables the body to heal any cell damage sustained throughout the day and strengthens the immune system. All seniors should be finding the best ways to relieve stress enough to get a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

There are some simple solutions to help your seniors relieve stress in their everyday lives. One of the best things to help them around the house when you are not home is to find 24-hour home care providers. If you cannot be with your seniors every day and you know they are becoming stressed with small household chores, it may be time to find a 24-hour home care provider. They will help ease your fears of having parents who choose to age in place, and they will help take the burden off a senior’s shoulders. Some other things can affect a senior’s stress level, like sleeping habits; luckily, there are natural ways to battle it.

As we age, our sleep habits often alter; we may feel drowsy sooner, wake up earlier, or sleep for shorter amounts of time. Nonetheless, waking up exhausted each morning, experiencing disrupted sleep, and suffering other symptoms of insomnia are not signs of good aging. There are some simple activities for seniors to improve their sleep and herbal drinks that are helpful and may assist you in falling asleep more quickly.

Limit Coffee Intake

There is nothing like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning but too much caffeine can leave a senior shaky, jittery, and more anxious than they need to be. It is important to help remind your seniors they should be limiting coffee or other forms of caffeine. There are some benefits to drinking coffee but there are also a lot of disadvantages to think about as well.

Teas To Drink Before Bedtime

Herbal teas are a popular beverage option when it’s time to unwind. They have been utilized as natural sleep treatments throughout history. While individual outcomes may vary, these 10 herbal teas may be worth trying if you’re seeking for a natural way to improve your sleep.

Try out Lavender

Lavender has been used as an aromatherapy plant to heal diseases since the Roman period. Lavender tea is an excellent bedtime beverage since it helps you relax at night. Silexan, a property in lavender, may assist those suffering from anxiety disorders in reducing anxiety and improving sleep.

Magnolia Tea

Magnolia tea is typically brewed from bark, however dried blossoms and stems may also be used too. Chinese herbalists chose magnolia bark to promote sleep thousands of years ago. A recent research found that honokiol may accelerate the process of falling asleep by binding to GABA receptors in the brain. If you take magnolia bark, you may awaken more often throughout the night, but it will take less time to go back asleep.

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