Can Foods Cause Seniors To Stress More?

Home Care in Edison NJ

Home Care in Edison NJ

All seniors should be focused on diet. Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat?” Well, that saying is very accurate. No matter what age you are, the food that fuels your body will help you with other areas in life. A good diet may help lower stress, anxiety, depression and help someone feel happier. Not all seniors will be focused on diet, and it can be harder for them to cook and pay attention to eating habits. If you notice your parents are eating more canned or boxed foods instead of fresh vegetables and fruits, it may be time to hire extra help for their home.

Professionals like home care providers can help ensure a senior is eating enough of the right foods and avoiding foods that can trigger stress and anxiety. You may not know why your parents are stressed out, but aging does bring tons of anxiety. Finding ways to help battle stress, anxiety, and depression can be essential to have a healthy end of life. Home care providers are not professionals who focus specifically on nutrition, but they may help your parents find a diet that works for them if you give them ideas. They are companions at home that can help your seniors feel like less of a burden to you.

Specific environments and challenging situations can lead to added stress, but so can food. Diet has a big part to do with how older adults age and how much stress they have. So, here are some things to avoid when caring for your parents. You may find that the older adults in your life are consuming all of these foods, and once you help them cut out these foods, they may start feeling better.


One of the first things to cut out of a diet when you become stressed is sugar. Why? Sugar spikes blood sugar and to balance it out your body naturally releases cortisol. When you are stressed your body already has tons of cortisol. This means you will have so much in your system that you may have trouble sleeping, headaches, unhealthy food craving, and even a weakened immune system. It is best to avoid sugar when stressed. There are plenty of alternatives that a senior may enjoy.

Processed Carbs

Most processed foods are easy to cook and taste really good. However, that is where the greatness stops. It is not good for a senior to eat tons of processed carbs especially when they’re stressed. Most of these foods are high in sodium causing a body to retain more fluids. When your body retains all of the fluid it can mean your heart is working double to keep the blood pumping. It is exhausting your body to eat processed carbs.


Many people love to settle down to a glass of wine and they claim it helps them unwind and de-stress. Is that true? Maybe but too much alcohol will definitely wreak havoc on a seniors body. Too much alcohol can increase blood pressure and trigger stress-like responses which is what a senior wishes to avoid. It is best to encourage less alcoholic beverages in a seniors home.

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