Encourage Your Dad to Beat His Sugar Cravings

24-Hour Home care in Edison NJ

24-Hour Home care in Edison NJ

Your dad’s doctor diagnosed him with diabetes. It was discovered when he ended up passing out and was brought to the hospital. He’s going to need help beating sugar cravings now. How can you encourage his success?

Clear His Cabinets

Go through your dad’s kitchen and get rid of foods he’s not supposed to eat. This can be harder if someone lives with him, but it’s important. Any foods with added sugar need to go. Processed foods are also not worth keeping.

Any foods that haven’t been opened and are still within date can be donated. The rest should be composted and packaging recycled.

Stock Up on Healthy Choices

Stock up on foods that your dad can eat during a craving. Celery sticks, almonds, and salads are all better choices. If he can’t battle a craving, make it a healthier one and make sure he eats in moderation. Instead of a traditional brownie, use cocoa powder, mashed banana, and toasted walnuts to make healthier brownies.

Work With a Dietitian

Talk to your dad’s doctor about having him work with a dietitian to learn more about the foods he should eat. He may be able to have cooking lessons in his home. Sit in on them if it’s possible.

When your dad is craving something sweet, put on shoes and be active together. A walk through the woods or around the block is one way to get him outside. There, he can focus on nature and not the foods he wants to eat.

Get Him to Pay Attention to His Triggers

Your dad is craving something sweet. Why? Is his stomach growling, or is he in need of comfort? If he’s stress eating, he needs to try an activity rather than give in to the craving. He should only need to eat when his stomach is empty or near empty.

At the same time, he needs to check his blood sugar regularly and keep the numbers stabilized. This can mean eating something every few hours instead of relying on three daily meals.

Who Is Supporting Him After He Leaves the Hospital?

How do you stop worrying about your dad when he’s released from the hospital after having hypoglycemia? Have you considered arranging 24-hour home care for now?

He can have aides available throughout the day and night to remind him to test his sugar levels, get him snacks and meals, and ensure he stays hydrated. He also has 24-hour home care aides available if he’s not feeling well. Call to learn more.

If you or an aging loved one is considering 24-hour home care in Edison, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Care Street Home Care today. Call (732) 607-8870.