Keep an Eye on Safety While Walking in the Winter

Elder Care in Highland Park NJ

Elder Care in Highland Park NJ

Falling is risky at any age. As you get older, the risk of falling and fracturing a bone can be higher. Bone density is one risk of aging that your mom faces after menopause. It increases the risk of breaking a bone during a fall. Keep an eye on safety during her winter walks.

How do you make sure your mom is safe while walking this winter? There are several things you and other family caregivers can do.

Walk With Her

When your mom goes for a walk, make sure she’s not alone. Join her and let her hold onto you while you walk. If you’re busy at work, arrange to have someone else walk with her. It could be a family friend, another family member, or a neighbor. You can also hire elder care aides to stop by and join her on daily walks.

Invest in Boots With Good Tread

Buy your mom a pair of boots that have good tread. You can also buy traction that straps onto her shoes and help her avoid a fall on packed snow and ice. You’ll find these traction straps at shoe stores, sporting goods stores, and online.

Take Care of Her Driveway, Steps, and Sidewalk

Make sure your mom’s walkways are cleared of snow and ice. Get pet-friendly de-icers to melt any ice that forms. If she lives in an area where these products are not allowed, sand and ashes also work, though they’re messier if they get in the home.

Keep her driveway shoveled. If you can’t do it, hire a company to do it for her. You could also ask if any local teens need volunteer hours for graduation or want extra cash and arrange to have them help out.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Your mom needs to make sure she’s not walking in a heavy snowstorm. If she does, traffic may not see her. If she needs to walk in the snow, reflective clothing and flashing lights make her more visible.

When it’s bitterly cold out, she needs to take shorter walks. If it’s below zero, she needs to bundle up and turn around early. She doesn’t want to risk getting frostbite.

An elder care aide can walk with your mom to help keep her safe. She’ll have help choosing the right winter apparel to stay warm. Plus, she has help selecting the proper boots and adding traction cleats if needed. Call an elder care agency to get started.

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