Apartment Living for the Elderly: Here is How to Make it Feel Like Your Home

Elderly care in Old Bridge NJ

Elderly care in Old Bridge NJ

If your elderly loved one has to move from their house to an apartment for any reason, there are some tips that can help them. The first thing to note for family caregivers is that it is often tough for elderly people to adjust to leaving the home they have been in for a long time. With this being said, there are some ways that you and elderly care providers can help your elderly loved one to make their apartment feel more like home.

Hanging Pictures

One of the things that might help your elderly loved one to make their apartment feel more like home is to hang pictures. By putting up pictures of their family members, friends, or of other things they enjoy, the apartment will feel more inviting and loving. In addition, putting up pictures of memories can help your elderly loved one to feel more like they belong in their new apartment. If needed, you or an elderly care provider can help your loved one to hang up these pictures.

Using a Candy Dish as a Kitchen Table Centerpiece

Another way that your elderly loved one can make their apartment feel more like a home is to put a candy dish on the center of their kitchen table. This just shouts an inviting home. This dish might be filled with candy your elderly loved one used to have a lot when they were a kid. It could also include some other small treat if your elderly loved one doesn’t really like candy that much.

Bring Furniture

Since your elderly loved one is moving to a smaller place, they may not be able to bring all of their furniture with them to their new apartment. However, it might be helpful if they can bring at least one piece of furniture from their house to the apartment. This can make their new place feel more like home.

Having a Crocheted or Homemade Blanket

Your elderly loved one might feel more like they are home in their new apartment if they have a crocheted or homemade blanket. There is just something about a handmade blanket that shows love and a welcoming feeling.


These are some of the many different ways that your elderly loved one can feel more at home if they move to an apartment from their house. It can be difficult to adjust. However, if you and elderly care providers help with these things, your elderly loved one may be able to adjust much faster to their new apartment.



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