Senior Eating Issues: Things to Know to Help Your Elderly Loved One

Caregivers in Monroe NJ

Caregivers in Monroe NJ

If you are caring for your elderly loved one, you should look out for eating issues. There are many elderly people who miss meals, eat too little, or have pain when they are eating. If you are the main care provider for your elderly loved one, or even if you only care for them some of the time while caregivers provide daily care, there are some things you should know to help your elderly loved one with eating issues.

Oral Discomfort

One of the first things you should know about eating issues in your elderly loved one is that it could be caused by oral discomfort. Have you noticed your elderly loved one wincing when they are trying to chew food? Maybe you have noticed a painful look on their face when they bite down on certain foods. You may have gotten a report from the caregivers that your elderly loved one is doing these things. If this is the case, you should have your elderly loved one see their doctor or dentist so they can get the cause of the pain taken care of.

Food Doesn’t Taste Very Good

Has your elderly loved one said that food doesn’t taste very good anymore? If this is happening, there could be numerous causes for it. There are different illnesses that can cause changes in someone’s taste. In addition, your elderly loved one’s taste buds may be changing. They might not be able to handle eating things such as ginger, garlic, chili powder, or other spicy foods. If you or caregivers prepare their meals, you may need to avoid using these ingredients, so your elderly loved one can eat better from now on.

Struggling to Get Groceries

Another reason why your elderly loved one may be having eating issues is because they can’t get groceries easily anymore. This may be caused by them having too much pain trying to bend over and reach up in the store to get food off the shelves. It might be too much for them to load the groceries into their car and take them out when they get home. If you notice that your elderly loved one isn’t eating well, this could be because they are struggling to get groceries. The next time you are at their house check in their refrigerator and cupboards. If they don’t have a lot of food, this could be the reason. If so, you or caregivers can do the grocery shopping.


These are some of the things that you may need to know about eating issues in the elderly. Now that you know these things, you can help to ensure your elderly loved one is eating properly from here on out.


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