Senior Care in Spotswood NJ

Senior Care in Spotswood NJ

Every first Saturday in May, the nation celebrates National Fitness Day. What are your goals for exercise? How about your dad? If he isn’t getting the recommended 30 minutes of activity each day, it’s time to help him increase his habits.

Join In

Instead of making your dad work out on his own, ask him to join you. As often as you can, drive to a local nature trail and take a walk through the forest or along the coast. You could sign up for a Tai Chi or Yoga class together or ride bikes on a local bike path or mountain biking trail.

If you’re there to talk to, he may be less resistant to working out. Not only is he exercising, but it also boosts his social habits, which can improve his mood.

Gather all of the family for outdoor activities like orienteering. Explore the woods as a team and see if you can find the markers using a compass. Other family activities that provide a workout are games like whiffle ball or badminton, obstacle courses, or a day at an indoor trampoline park.

Try Something New

Instead of doing the same old fitness routine, have your dad try something new. He loves miniature golf, but he’s gotten bored. Try soccer golf or disc golf instead. These games’ goals are similar, but you don’t use a putter to get the ball in the hole. Instead, you kick a soccer ball around the course or throw a frisbee-like disc.

If your dad doesn’t go outside much, consider games like Just Dance. He follows the dancer on the video game’s screen and exercises while dancing to various songs. There are also fitness games like Ring Fit that use a resistance ring to help build arm and leg muscles as you play mini-games or complete challenges.

Encouragement from Senior Care can Help

You live miles away and can’t stop by every day to make sure your dad completes his recommended exercise routine. Maybe, you do live nearby, but you work full-time and have other obligations after work. Someone needs to stop by and encourage your dad while he does his exercises.

Senior care is one of the best ways to make sure he has the support he needs. He can have caregivers work out with him or stand close by if he needs help understanding one of his exercises. Call a senior care agency to schedule regular companionship services.

If you or an aging loved one is considering senior care in Spotswood, NJ, please contact the caring staff at Care Street Home Care today. Call (732) 607-8870.