Music has the power to get people moving, to make them feel happier, and to help ease stress. Here are the benefits music has on the mind and body.

Music Boosts IQ Scores

The University of California, Irvine was the home of a scientific study on the effects of music. Students listened to 10 minutes of Mozart, a relaxation tape, or nothing while taking an IQ test. Each time, the students that listened to Mozart performed best.

To see if it was specific to Mozart or if it was music in general, the test was run again. Those listening to Mozart continued to get higher scores. It’s believed that music helps boost the activity of the nerves within the cerebral cortex. It helps warm up what area of the brain to improve performance on a variety of activities.

Music Reduces Stress

When you put on music, what happens? You start singing along or dancing to the beat. The longer the music plays, the more relaxed you feel. Music has the potential to help you de-stress.

If you’re dancing to the beat, you’re exercising. Exercise is a good way to burn tension and improve heart health. Singing along is just as beneficial as you’re having to focus on breathing while you’re expending energy belting out the lyrics.

A study was done at Chicago Medical School’s James A. Lovell Federal Health Centre. It looked at the power of music as a tool for lowering blood pressure. In this study, the participants who were exposed to music had blood pressure readings of around three points lower for both diastolic and systolic. Their heart rate was also almost three beats lower.

Music Soothes and Redirects

One of the more difficult symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is agitation and angry outbursts. When your mom or dad is in a meltdown, music may be all that’s needed to end it.

Instead of becoming frustrated and reacting, turn on some music. Ignore your parent’s tantrum or rage and start singing. It’s going to stop your parent and redirect the mood.

Music is so helpful at easing the symptoms of certain health issues and helping to ease chronic stress. Another thing that will help is having your parents supported by caregivers. Instead of worrying about keeping up with daily routines on their own, they have a caregiver’s help to do things like cook meals, drive to the store, or clean and disinfect surfaces.

Caregivers also help out by becoming your parents’ companions. They won’t feel lonely or isolated when caregivers are around throughout the week.


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