You worry about the amount of time your dad spends inside his home. You’d like him to get outside more, but he doesn’t like to go far. How do you help your dad use his outdoor spaces more? How do you get him to go outside and enjoy his yard and patio/deck?

Make Sure It’s Level and Matches His Mobility Level

Why does your dad avoid using his outdoor spaces? One of the leading reasons is the fear of falling. If his yard is unstable, he may not want to go outside. Make sure he has level paths to walk on.

If he needs a wheelchair, he’ll need paths that are wide enough for his wheelchair. He also needs ramps to get in and out of his house.

Create Seating for Shade and Sun

Your dad wants to have seating that’s in the shade for very sunny days. He may want to soak up some sun for a few minutes each day, so seating in the sun is equally helpful. Aim for chairs that are sturdy and supportive. They also need to be easy to get out of.

You don’t have to struggle to come up with shady spots. A patio umbrella with a cast iron base works well. You could also put in a retractable awning if there’s the money available.

Add small tables where he can place his beverage, book, sunscreen, and other necessities he wants nearby. It makes it easier for him to reach the things he needs without having to get up.

Provide Reasons to Be Outside

Does your dad enjoy gardening? Gardens will lure him outside. Set up raised beds that eliminate the need for him to bend over while gardening. If you cannot afford to build and create raised beds, large planters, or even buckets work well.

If he likes to watch birds, shrubs, trees, and flower beds that draw birds will appeal to him. Arrange a bench or seating where he can watch the birds. If he’s an avid birder, provide him with a journal where he can note what birds he sees each day.

Support Him by Hiring Caregivers

Elderly care aides are excellent partners in helping your dad feel comfortable when he’s outside. He’ll have a caregiver to bring him beverages, remind him to apply sunscreen, and make sure he’s not overheating. Call an elderly care agency to talk about your dad’s strengths and get prices for the services that will help him most.

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