Four Steps to Take if Your Senior Is Afraid of Falling

Elder Care in Highland Park NJEvery senior might have a bit of a fear of falling, and that’s normal. But if your elderly family member is becoming increasingly afraid that she’s going to fall, that can cause her to become so nervous that she might limit her activity and unknowingly contribute to a future fall. You’re going to need to take action.

Bring it up with Her Doctor

This is definitely a conversation to open up with your senior’s doctor. If she’s concerned that she’s going to fall, there are reasons for those fears. Determining what risk factors your senior has that are related to falling is the best first step. Some of the risk factors she might be facing could involve medications she’s taking, health issues she’s battling, and much more. Her doctor can help you to put together a framework for dealing with the very real fear that she might fall.

Consider Working with a Physical Therapist

Physical therapy is an excellent choice for helping your elderly family member to improve balance and muscle strength. She may learn new types of movements that help her to become more comfortable with moving her body. This is also an excellent first step if your senior hasn’t been exercising and needs to get moving a little bit more.

Put Together a Comprehensive Fall Reduction Plan

There’s a lot to think about when you’re trying to reduce the risk of your senior falling. A fall reduction program helps you to tick all the boxes that are impacting your senior. Various professionals may be involved in helping you to put this together and they can give you and your senior tips that help her to deal with the specific issues she’s facing.

Consider Bringing in Elder Care Providers

Working with elder care providers at home is another great way to reduce your senior’s fall risk. Not only can they let you know if they’re seeing anything that points to a larger risk of falling for your senior, but they can also help your elderly family member with her mobility. If she needs help with transportation or meal preparation, they’re there for that, too.

Your senior might feel extremely limited in what she can do because of a fear of falling. The best option is to address what you can about what’s causing that fear for her. It’s good for her to be cautious, but fear can contribute to a fall.

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