Four Exterior Safety Tips for Your SeniorYour senior’s safety doesn’t stop at her front door. There’s a lot for you to consider around her home, too, especially if she likes to spend time in her yard. These tips can help you to be sure that your elderly family member’s garden or yard are as safe as they can be for her to enjoy them.

Clutter Is Still an Issue, Even Outside

Lots of caregivers feel as if indoor clutter is the only type of clutter than can be a problem. But exterior clutter is just as dangerous. Garden items, random outdoor furniture, and even organic clutter, like leaves and twigs, can all be an issue. Do a quick walk around and see if there’s anything just lying around or blocking pathways. Make sure that you clear those away so that they’re no longer an issue.

Double Check Entrances and Thresholds

Entrances and thresholds can be particularly dangerous for your aging adult. Make sure that they’re all clear and that doors open and shut fully. Even if an exit is one that your aging family member doesn’t use often, it needs to be in good working order just in case. Consider adding ramps or lowering thresholds if they’re a problem.

Stairs and Steps Are a Concern

Anywhere that there are steps or stairs, even only a couple of them, is a spot for extra attention. You need to make sure that the steps themselves are safe for your senior to use, especially if she uses assistive tools like a cane. Verify that any handrails are secure and easy to access in an emergency. If handrails aren’t safe or they’re missing, replace them as soon as possible.

Check out Unusual Garden Features

Slippery areas, like pine needles that tend to overrun a path, or water features in the garden can both be areas of concern. Look for anything in your elderly family member’s yard that might need some extra attention. For instance, installing a fence around a pool can help to ensure that no one falls into the pool accidentally. Figure out what you can do to secure any of the unusual aspects of your senior’s yard or garden.

If your elderly family member spends a great deal of time outside, this is definitely something that you need to focus on for her. Something you might want to consider is hiring senior care providers to determine if there’s anything that you’re missing in your exterior safety plan.

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