Is Online Grocery Shopping Worth it for Seniors?

Senior Care in Cranford NJ

Senior Care in Cranford NJGrocery shopping can be a difficult errand for many seniors to accomplish. Some have physical limitations that make it challenging to drive themselves to the store, making online grocery shopping an attractive option to consider. By simply going to the website of your loved one’s grocery store, you can order the food and drinks they want and have it delivered directly to their home. It is a convenient way to get everything they want without the commute.

For elders who are unfamiliar with online shopping, a senior care professional can help them make their purchases, as well as handle all of the chores and responsibilities they are unable to do. There are a wide range of benefits to using this form of grocery shopping, including the following:

  • Reduces transportation costs. Driving is a convenient source of transportation, but can also be expensive. Along with the cost of gas, you also have to consider oil changes and maintenance. To avoid the constant upkeep of the vehicle, encourage the elder to do their shopping online.
  • Saves time. Along with the time it takes to drive to and from the store, you also probably spend between 30 minutes and an hour to find all of the items on your list. Online grocery shopping is as simple as looking at a catalog. Flip through the pages, click on the products wanted, and that is it. No more time is needed.
  • No need to lift heavy items. Cases of water, soda, and other heavy items can injure the senior’s back with its weight. By shopping online and letting the grocery store deliver the groceries to them, the delivery person can bring it right up to the elder’s door. This is the perfect option for older adults who are unable to life very much weight.
  • Allows the elder to stay organized. Online grocery shopping allows the elder to auto-ship the grocery list every month. This will allow your loved one to get the same products every month without having to think about it. They are also able to schedule the delivery time to make sure they are home when the groceries arrive.
  • Can get products not found in the store. Not every grocery store has the same products. Online grocery shopping will allow the senior to order items not available in their local grocery store.

Online grocery shopping has its perks, but the biggest one is its convenience. This form of shopping is the perfect option for seniors who are unable to drive or have a disability that makes shopping difficult.


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