Planning a Summer Vacation with Your Aging Parent

Home Care in Elizabeth NJ

Home Care in Elizabeth NJVacationing with your family is one of the best parts about the summer. If you are a family caregiver for your aging parent, you do not have to think that your days of summer adventures are over. With your help and the help of a senior care provider, you can ensure that your elderly loved one can still be an active part of your family trips.

Planning is an essential part of having an enjoyable, safe, and healthy summer vacation with your aging parent. With careful preparation you can ensure that your parent has everything that they need throughout your trip.

Some things to keep in mind when planning a summer vacation with your aging parent include:

  • Transportation. Though your first consideration when planning a vacation with your family is likely the destination, the next thing that you should keep in mind is how you will get there. Some forms of transportation are more effective for seniors than others. Consider the time you will need to travel, cost for the family, and accessibility of amenities such as food, restrooms, and space to walk around. Comparing the value of each of these issues for your particular family shows which is the ideal option for your specific family. For example, flying is a much faster option, but the seats may be uncomfortable and being in the plane for an extended time could put your parent at risk of blood clots. A car is far less expensive and allows you to stop and take breaks for walking around.
  • Packing. When packing it is essential that your parent brings along the items that they will need to stay comfortable and healthy while traveling. This includes enough clothing for the time that you will be away as well as extra clothing to accommodate for unforeseen circumstances. You should also make sure that they have their medications, entertainment, and other items that will help them to stay comfortable whether they are participating in activities with your family or spending some quiet time alone.
  • Hotel. Most vacations involve a stay in a hotel. This could mean just a night while you are on your way to stay with family, or a long term stay at your destination. Whichever way, it is important that you keep your parent’s needs in mind when selecting the ideal choice. This could include issues such as accessible rooms, availability of suites or adjoining rooms to keep your parent close to you, included breakfast for ease of getting your morning started, and proximity to your destination.
  • Activities. When planning your vacation, it is likely that you have many activities in mind. It is important that while you think of the types of activities that you will enjoy doing with your family that you balance having fun on your trip and including your loved one. If you want to participate in activities that are too challenging for your aging parent, make sure that you have alternatives available so that your parent does not feel left out of the experience.

A senior care provider can be an incredible source of help when planning and enjoying a summer vacation with your aging parent. With the help of a senior health services provider your parent can maintain their schedule as much as possible while enjoying activities with your family in the way that works for them and their personal limitations, challenges, and needs.

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