Kudos From a Client


More than likely you may very well not remember me but for our very brief meet-&-greet at my parents’ house months back when Sabina was replacing Elsie. Though my mother has since passed on (on the very first day of Spring, no less) I have been long overdue in thanking you for gracing her with the presence of someone who really/truly cared in the true sense. It was my privilege to know this woman, and more so just knowing that my mother’s final days were under her care I am forever in your debt for bringing her into my mom’s last days. When people from your agency would come to the house I would say, “Give this Lady a Raise” — whether that is possible or not, I still strongly feel that way – she was the Best home health advocate my mother could ever have had on the way to the hereafter . . . and for what it’s worth, Karishma, I have you to thank.

God Bless,