When something big is in the process of changing for your senior, like how she hears what’s happening around her, that can have a much bigger impact on the rest of her life than you might think. In terms of hearing, it’s exhausting to continually be trying to figure things out and hear what’s actually happening. That affects the rest of what your senior can do.

Your Senior’s Brain Is Working a Lot Harder

When your senior has trouble hearing, her brain uses resources from other functions to help with processing sounds and interpreting what they mean. That burns a lot of energy that your senior doesn’t even notice at first, because her brain handles that automatically. But there are problems with that as your senior’s hearing worsens.

She’s Working Harder to Follow What’s Happening

Her brain is working harder, but it isn’t necessarily giving your senior the right information all the time. That ends up meaning that she gets frustrated a little more often. She might even stop participating in some conversations or she might withdraw in other ways. This can all be exhausting for her, too, both mentally and emotionally.

This Is All Incredibly Exhausting

The truth is that all of this takes up more energy than you or your senior realize. There’s so much happening in the background and it may feel difficult or even impossible to your elderly family member to keep up with everything. Imagine how it feels for you when you’re handling something that you don’t normally do or when you have to do something completely different than usual. One example might be writing with your non-dominant hand. It gets exhausting quickly. That’s where your senior is.

You Can Alleviate Some of that Load for Her

You can’t do much about how your senior’s brain is working overtime to help her to hear, but you can help her to get her hearing checked. There may be other options, like using hearing aids, that can make all of this easier for her. There may also be other solutions you can use, like learning how her hearing is most impacted, so you can adjust some things. For example, if background noise is a big problem for her, make it a point to eliminate that when you can.

Working with senior care providers can also help you to learn more about what your senior needs from you while she deals with changes to her hearing. They’ve got experience you can rely on as you go through these experiences with your senior.

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