Home Care in Highland Park NJOn July 7th, celebrate National Father-Daughter Take a Walk Day by getting outside with your dad. If he needs a walker, this can seem more challenging, but there are still ways to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Make sure the walker he buys can handle outdoor use. Large rubber tires will make it easier to navigate terrain on a golf course, beach, or wooded terrain.

Find a Nature Preserve

Many cities and towns have a nature preserve or sanctuary within easy reach. Often, these preserves have groomed, level paths that are either boardwalks, stone, or packed dirt. You can call and ask when you’re making plans.

If your dad likes to watch birds, a nature preserve is an ideal spot. You usually find benches and picnic tables scattered throughout. He can look for birds from there and keep track of what he sees.

Go to a Boardwalk or City Park

Paved paths and boardwalks are a good place to walk when you need a suitable place to walk. Besides, you’re likely to spot stores and food trucks/carts nearby, so you can turn the walk into an afternoon outing complete with a picnic.

Play Golf

Take your dad golfing and skip renting a golf cart. Courses are designed for walking. If he tires before you’ve finished the full round, that’s okay. Play a few holes and build up to a full game.

Visit a Local Attraction

Many local outdoor attractions like botanical gardens, zoos, and historic sites are ADA-compliant. Sidewalks will be paved and even for wheelchair and walker users. Weekends are going to be busier, which may not be ideal. During the week, they tend to be quieter and less crowded. Senior discounts can help keep the costs down.

An outdoor shopping mall or farmers’ market is another idea. The area will have paved or concrete walking paths, which are ideal for using a walker. Plus, you can pick up some of the items your dad needs at home while you’re out.

No matter where you go, walk at his pace. It may seem too slow, but it’s the quality time you’re spending together that matters. When you’re not around, make sure he’s still getting to spend time outside. Home care services can do that for you. He can have a home care aide join him during the week for companionship, help around the home, and transportation. Call to learn more.

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