The coronavirus pandemic feels mostly negative to a great many people, but there may be more positives than your senior or you realize, if you look a bit.

She May Be Feeling Anxious and Alone

Having to stay at home is causing a lot of people to feel anxious and very much alone. This can be triggering for your senior, especially if she’s got health issues that are rather serious. Even if your elderly family member has always wanted to be independent, she may still feel a bit out of sorts and anxious about not having her usual people and options available.

Her Health May Be Affected, Too

Emotional difficulties have a physical impact. Your senior’s health may be affected by what’s going on right now. She may not be eating right or getting enough sleep, which has big physical effects. Having someone like elder care providers checking on your elderly family member can be a huge relief for you and a way for her to stay on target with her health, too.

She Should Focus on What She Can Do

One answer that helps is for your elderly family member to focus on what she can do. Everyone has a set of procedures they’ve been following to be as safe as possible, and your senior is no exception. By following guidelines like staying at home and social distancing, your senior has been able to take action. She’s not as passive as she might feel.

Planning for the Future Is Important

Your senior may not be able to do all of the things that she is used to doing right now, but she can put together a wish list for when things are safer. Making plans now for future events gives her something to look forward to. It also helps her to take control and action in another way.

Seek out the Good That Happens Every Day

It may also be helpful for you and your senior to trade stories about the good things that happen each day. Looking at life from a standpoint of gratitude can help your elderly family member to count her blessings, even in a pandemic. She may find that this allows her to spread positivity to others, too.

If your elderly family member is experiencing extreme negative feelings during the coronavirus pandemic, she may need extra help. Telemedicine appointments can also be a way for her to get mental health assistance, which can be incredibly helpful in developing resilience in the face of this situation.

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