Older adults may not have the same access to help from friends, neighbors, and family members during the COVID-19 pandemic as they normally do. Because all people have been asked to practice social distancing, family caregivers may be unable to visit their older family members to help them with things around their house and giving them rides to the places they need to go. If your aging relative has found themselves in the situation of lacking help due to the pandemic, contacting an elder care agency can get them the assistance they need. Some of the things that elder care providers can do for seniors are described below.

Assistance with Disease Management

Some seniors rely on the help of others to take care of themselves and follow their doctors’ directions to manage a chronic health condition. For example, diabetics may need someone to help them remember to test their blood sugar and take medications. In addition, the senior may need to see a doctor more often than other people do. But, if they can no longer safely drive, they may rely on others to provide them with transportation to the doctor’s office.

Elder care providers can help with disease management by reminding your aging relative when it is time to take medications or take other steps needed to manage their condition. They can also drive the older adult to medical appointments or to the pharmacy to pick up medications.

Healthy Meals

Eating a balanced and nutritious diet is an essential part of older adults staying healthy. If family caregivers usually prepare meals for your older family member, they may have trouble continuing to eat well when caregivers cannot visit.

Elder care providers are able to prepare meals for seniors that are balanced. An elder care provider can even make sure meals follow any special guidelines set by a doctor or dietician.

Daily Check-ins

Now more than ever it is important that someone checks in on older adults to make certain they are healthy and not in need of anything. Though family caregivers can and should call their loved ones, sometimes a face to face visit is the best way to see if seniors are doing well.

Elder care providers can stop in regularly, even daily, to see that older adults are healthy and have the things they need to be comfortable. Elder care providers can also watch for symptoms of the COVID-19 virus and see to it that your aging relative gets the help they need.

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