Do you have an elderly loved one to care for? Are you worried about their health? If so, then you should know there are many health benefits of walking for elderly adults. The problem is that many elderly adults will start to live a sedentary lifestyle. This can cause even more health problems in their life. However, if you can convince your loved one to get out and go for a walk with you or their elderly care provider, this can improve their health quite a bit.

Improved Balance

Many elderly adults experience balance issues. This can increase their risk of falling. However, if you or an elderly care provider goes on a walk with your loved one, you can help to improve their balance. The more walking they do, the better their balance is going to be. Better balance means there is less of a chance that your loved one will fall.

Lowering Stress Levels

Another great health benefit of walking is lowering stress levels. Many elderly adults experience high levels of stress. They might be worried about finances since they are retired. They might be afraid of asking for help when they need it. The good news is that regular walking can help to lower your loved one’s stress levels. Get them to walk around the block, at a park, or even around the yard.

Socialization Opportunities

It is a great thing for elderly adults to continue socializing. Research shows this is great for their health. One of the ways you can make sure your loved one continues to socialize is through walking more often. You might be able to have your loved one’s neighbor or friends go for a walk with them. You or their elderly care providers can walk with them, as well.

Weight Management

Another benefit of regular walking in elderly adults is weight management. If you want to help your elderly loved one to manage their weight, make sure they have a walking routine. Research shows that a healthy number of steps for elderly adults is around 7,000 steps a day. Some elderly adults will take a little more than this and others might take a little less. Either way, regular walking can help your loved one to prevent weight gain and to manage their weight.

Better Bone Health

Walking regularly can also help to improve your elderly loved one’s bone health. The more that elderly adults sit down without being active, the worse their bone health is going to get. If you want to prevent your loved one from becoming frail, you need to make sure they are walking regularly.

These are some of the many health benefits of walking for elderly adults. If you are helping to care for your elderly loved one, make sure they are walking regularly.


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