The winter months make it harder for older adults to get outside and exercise the way they might during the warmer months. Many seniors choose walking as their favorite form of exercise, but that can be difficult to do in the winter when it’s cold and sidewalks are icy. So, what can your aging relative do to stay active when they can’t go outside? Below are some ideas to try.

Mall Walking

Many malls open their main doors even before stores are open to allow people to engage in mall walking, which is walking the halls for exercise. This allows your older family member to continue their daily routing of walking for exercise in a temperature-controlled environment where there is no ice or snow to worry about. Even if the older adult isn’t an early bird, they can still walk the mall during normal business hours. They will just have to be a little more careful when the hallways are crowded.


Find out if there is an indoor swimming pool in the senior’s neighborhood where they can swim when it’s cold outside. Changing up their usual exercise routine with swimming during the winter can add variety and increase their enthusiasm for staying active. In addition, the warm water can feel great when it’s cold outside and be soothing on elderly joints that may be painful due to arthritis.

Active Video Games

There are many video games on the market that are designed to include physical activity, such as video game sports. These games require players to swing their arms, move their legs, and even dance. They can be especially fun for seniors who have a competitive streak and enjoy trying to top their best score. Best of all, more than one person can play at a time, so seniors can play with caregivers, grandchildren, or friends.

Senior Exercise Classes

Many gyms offer exercise classes that are specially designed for older adults. Sometimes they are even led by a senior. In addition to being an excellent way to exercise during the winter, senior classes also offer your aging relative a chance to socialize with other people their age and meet new friends.

No matter what kind of exercise your older family member chooses to engage in during the winter months, elder care can help them to stick with their exercise regimen. An elder care provider can drive the older adult to the pool or the gym. If the senior chooses mall walking, an elder care provider can walk with them, ensuring they stay safe and do not fall. Older adults who play active video games can invite their elder care provider to play with them, making the game more fun.

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