Elderly Care in Highland Park NJMany people get dentures and immediately get overwhelmed by taking care of them. They’re a delicate dental appliance, but they can keep your senior eating the foods that she needs to eat in order to stay healthy. Taking care of her dentures is not difficult but following some big rules can make the process so much easier.

Dentures Need Brushing, Too

Some people think that because dentures are removable, they don’t need brushing. But just like teeth, they do need occasional brushing. Make sure that your elderly family member uses a denture brush rather than a toothbrush. Denture brushes have softer bristles designed to keep from scratching dentures. Your senior can brush her dentures in her mouth, but it might be easier to remove them in order to brush all of the surfaces.

How They’re Stored Matters

Dentures have to be kept moist. When they’re in your senior’s mouth, that’s easy enough. But when she takes them out, they need to be stored in at least a container of water. The best way to store a set of dentures is in a specially-designed denture bath. Add denture cleaning tablets and water and store the denture bath in a safe place. That way if your elderly family member doesn’t wear them every day, they’re still moist and ready to go.

Health Issues Can Interfere with Dentures

Other health conditions, like dry mouth, arthritis, or even diabetes, can interfere with your senior’s denture care. Talk to your senior’s doctor and her dentist about how all of the health issues she has can affect both her ability to take care of her dentures and how they fit. That way you can find solutions now that might put off dealing with bigger problems down the line.

Don’t Skip the Dentist, Even with Dentures

Your elderly family member might tell you that she has dentures now, so she doesn’t need the dentist. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Your senior’s gums can change, requiring the dentures to be relined. Or she might have other issues, like rubbing against areas of her mouth, which create big problems for her oral health. Her dentist can help your elderly family member to deal with all of those concerns.

Taking care of dentures is a lot easier than many people think at first. If you aren’t able to be there with your senior every day, elderly care providers can help her to manage denture care. They can also help her to get to her dental appointments to make sure that she’s not skipping out on any aspects of dental care.

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