Home Health Care in Monroe NJ: Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Cope with Not Driving

Home Health Care in Monroe NJ: Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Cope with Not Driving

On the surface, you’d think that no longer driving would be a natural transition that your senior would accept gracefully. But it’s just not that easy. There are a lot of other issues tied in with driving and they can keep her from seeing that there are other possibilities beyond slipping behind the wheel herself. These ideas can help both her and you cope with this new version of normal that she’s facing.

Find out if Service Professionals Can Come to Her

Some people who handle regular services for your senior are open to offering those services in her home on an as-needed basis. This is especially true if she’s been a customer of that professional for a while. Hairdressers might come to your senior’s home to wash and trim her hair for her, for instance. This is something that people don’t often think about asking because it seems unusual at first.

Check into Delivery Options

There are more and more opportunities for delivery these days, too. Your senior can get her prescriptions, her groceries, and almost anything else delivered to her home. If the company she’s buying from doesn’t offer delivery service, it’s possible that there’s an intermediary service that fills that gap. Try asking about delivery options, especially at places that your senior regularly shops or uses, because they might just surprise you.

Increase Social Interactions

Having people who care about her come to her can serve as a bit of distraction for your senior, too. Socializing at home can take the place of some of the socialization that she was used to doing in other places. Using a group calendar that syncs online can help to organize these kinds of visits so that everybody isn’t stopping by on the same day.

Hire Home Care Providers

Home care providers are a perfect option for a senior who isn’t able to drive on her own any longer. They can handle the difficult part of the driving and your senior can still go where she wants, when she wants. And if she needs help with other tasks throughout the day, they’re there for that, too. This is an easy solution to a difficult and sometimes complicated problem.

If you’re having a tough time with your senior’s reaction to her inability to drive any longer, it can help to put yourself in her shoes. It’s not unusual at all for people to have a strongly negative reaction to being told that they can’t drive anymore.

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