Caregivers in Old Bridge NJ: Encouraging Your Parent to Spend Time with Their Grandchildren by Playing Video Games

As a family caregiver, you are always looking for effective ways to help your elderly loved one maintain their health in the best ways possible. While you likely think of things such as germ control, eating a healthy diet, staying physically active, and following instructions from their doctor, there are many other ways you can support quality of life for your senior. One that might not immediately come to mind, but they can be extremely effective, is encouraging your parent to spend time with her grandchildren playing video games. Not only is this a helpful way to promote closer relationships between your children and your parent, reducing loneliness and isolation and creating a stronger sense of relevance and importance for your parent, but it can also give you or aging loved one of a variety of benefits.

Studies have been performed to gauge the impact of video games on the minds of elderly adults. The studies involved having older adults play video games on a regular basis, then testing their cognitive functioning and memory. Over the course of the study, those seniors who actively played video games were shown to experience an increase in grey matter and improved short-term memory. This means they were better able to retain memories, and recall them as needed, and supported improved and maintained cognitive functioning after playing these games.

The benefits of these games are not just limited to cognitive improvements. There are also games available that require them to use their body to operate the game itself. These are often sports simulators, but can also be adventure-type games. Playing these games help your parent to get more physical activity ,which can burn calories, strengthen the joints, and increase balance. You can even find video games that guide your senior through yoga and other exercises. Remember to encourage your parent to talk to their doctor before embarking on any new exercise program.

Learning new things is one of the many wonderful opportunities your parent has as they get older. Having a senior care provider can help them to make the most of this opportunity. This senior home care services provider can be with your parent on a schedule that works for them to give them support and encouragement as they embark on new adventures, experience new things, and keep learning. This is a valuable part of keeping their mental and emotional health high, and supporting strong and effective cognitive functioning. A care provider can help your parent research, provide transportation for outings, and enjoy activities together that allow your parent to learn new topics and skills.

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