Elderly Care in Highland Park NJ: Tips for Helping Your Senior Avoid Skin Complications When Living with Diabetes

Elderly Care in Highland Park NJ: Tips for Helping Your Senior Avoid Skin Complications When Living with Diabetes

When most people think about diabetes, the first thing they think about is someone needing to test their blood sugar to make sure it is at appropriate levels. Often people think that blood sugar is the only issue related to diabetes, and that it does not impact the body in other ways. This is not the case. While issues with blood sugar are the predominant characteristic of diabetes, they are by no means the only way this condition impacts the body. There are many other challenges and complications that can arise as a result of diabetes, and as a family caregiver it is important for you to recognize these complications, and take steps to protect your parent from them so they can stay healthier as they age in place. One such type of complication is skin issues. These can lead to discomfort and pain, as well as the potential for infections that can negatively influence the entire body.

Use these tips to help your senior avoid skin complications when living with diabetes:

  • Make sure your aging parent is managing their diabetes as well as they can. The better your parent manages their disease, the less likely they are to experience serious complications
  • Ensure your senior’s skin is kept clean and dry. Seniors with diabetes need to bathe more frequently than those without the disease simply to help keep their skin healthy
  • Discourage your senior from taking baths or showers that are too hot. Very hot water is irritating and drying, and more likely to be vulnerable to damage and infection
  • Encourage the use of high quality, moisturizing bath products to offer extra hydration to ward off excess drying
  • After bathing, gently pat skin dry and apply high quality moisturizer without alcohol or irritating fragrances or colors
  • Do not put lotion in between their toes, which can lead to fungal growth
  • Protect their skin from wind or cold temperatures
  • If your parent suffers a cut or other minor damage to their skin, treat it promptly. Clean the area and protect it from infection
  • Keep their nails short to prevent skin damage

Helping your aging parent bathe effectively and safely can be extremely beneficial service of an elderly care provider. Many seniors struggle with challenges and limitations that keep them from being able to bathe independently. This can put their safety at risk, and also be emotionally difficult for your senior. An elderly home care services provider can offer physical support and other services to help your senior maintain more independence while bathing. This can help to protect them from potentially serious injuries from falls, prevent burns, and avoid other issues while ensuring they bathe effectively. Relying on elderly care to manage these needs can also reduce stress for you, and for your aging parent. Managing potentially sensitive tasks such as bathing can it be emotionally difficult for both of you, and allowing a care provider to offer dignified, respectful assistance removes this stress so you can focus on other aspects of your senior’s needs.


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