Home Care Services in Manalapan NJ: Developing a Fire Escape Plan if Your Senior Has Mobility Issues

Home Care Services in Manalapan NJ: Developing a Fire Escape Plan if Your Senior Has Mobility Issues

It’s important to think about fire safety every day of the year, but October 9th is a great reminder since that’s Fire Prevention Day. Start thinking about what your senior’s fire escape plan needs in order to be the most effective plan possible.

Check All Pathways and Exits

Exits and pathways to those exits are a crucial spot at any time, but especially during a fire emergency. Make sure that your elderly family member is able to safely navigate those areas. If she uses a cane, walker, or wheelchair, make sure that those items are able to clear the space. If possible, you might want to reconsider where her room is located, too. Having a ground floor room with easy access outside could be a way to help her exit more quickly.

Double Check Flooring

The flooring itself is just as important. If the carpet is difficult to navigate during a normal day, it may be downright dangerous during an emergency evacuation of the house. Look for ways to make the flooring safer for now, especially if you’re not in a position to be able to replace it completely right now.

Stock up the Night Stand

It’s always a good idea to make sure that your aging adult’s night stand has anything she might need in the middle of the night. Some of the items to include are definitely a working phone, an emergency contact list, and a flashlight. You might want to include other items, too, that could be helpful during a fire emergency. A small, handheld fire extinguisher might be one of those items.

Equip Her Wheelchair or Walker

As much as stocking up her night stand helps, you might want to include some of the same items on her wheelchair or walker, too. Fire extinguishers have advanced to become more portable, which means you can attach one to your senior’s wheelchair or walker. You might also want to include items like reflective pieces that could help someone with a flashlight find your senior in the dark.

Home care providers can help you to make sure you’ve got a thorough fire escape plan in place for your aging adult. They can also help her to practice what she needs to do in the event of a fire or other emergency. The more your senior practices, the more likely she’ll be able to remember what to do when it’s necessary.

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