Caregivers in East Brunswick NJ: May is Get Caught Reading Month

Caregivers in East Brunswick NJ: May is Get Caught Reading Month

While it’s true that May is Get Caught Reading Month, did you know that this public service campaign is aimed at more than just children? Not only is Get Caught Reading Month for all ages, there’s a special set of benefits that seniors get when they pick up a book. If you are the family caregiver for an elderly relative, take some time to reintroduce them to the joys of reading and help them reap the benefits.

What is Get Caught Reading Month?

The focus of Get Caught Reading Month is to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to read for fun. From children to the elderly and everyone in between, there are many benefits to reading. Because reading is so important to social and cognitive development, it’s important for everyone to share their love of reading with others and to take the time to enjoy a good book sooner rather than later. The public awareness campaign for Get Caught Reading Month includes celebrities, athletes and other public figures.

How Does Reading Benefit Seniors?

There are numerous benefits that seniors gain when they engage in regular reading. Studies show that reading is actually linked to enhanced memory, less stress, more restful sleep and it may even delay dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Seniors can find intellectual stimulation, entertainment and escape when they get lost in a good book.

Seniors can also turn reading into fun social activities by participating in book clubs, poetry readings and even reading aloud to other seniors or grandchildren. Regular visits to the library give them a chance to get out of the house and spend time in the community. If they no longer drive, then family caregivers and home care providers can do the driving. When it comes to reading, there are no negatives for seniors and family members should encourage it frequently.

How to Overcome Obstacles to Reading

The bad news is that many elderly adults face obstacles to reading. Physical limitations like poor vision or arthritis can make it really hard for seniors to read. Family caregivers and home care providers must find ways to overcome the challenges these elderly adults face by getting books with enlarged print or using magnifiers and reading lights. Book holders, e-reading devices and audio books are other alternatives to get seniors reading again.

Celebrating Get Caught Reading Month

There’s no doubt that reading provides many physical and mental benefits for elderly adults. Family caregivers and home care providers can play a big part in making it easier than ever for seniors to have access to books and reading material. Although there may be challenges to overcome, by implementing adaptive technology and making reading a priority, seniors can gain the benefits of reading no matter what their age or ability. There’s no better time to encourage seniors to read than during May’s Get Caught Reading Month.



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