Elder Care in Plainsboro NJ: 5 Things That Can Trigger an Arthritis Flare Up

Elder Care in Plainsboro NJ: 5 Things That Can Trigger an Arthritis Flare Up

Seniors with arthritis sometimes experience what is known as a “flare up.” A flare up is a period of time during which the older adult has more severe arthritis symptoms or their condition is more active. During a flare up they will have more intense joint pain. They might also have a fever, stiff or swollen joints, and fatigue. The flare up might affect just one joint, or multiple joints. Several things can trigger a flare up, and the triggers can vary by person and the arthritis condition that they have. Recognizing what causes your aging family member’s arthritis flare ups could help you to avoid them. Below are five common arthritis flare up triggers.

#1 Overexertion

This trigger is common in people who suffer from osteoarthritis. Sometimes being more active than usual can cause increased joint pain. Also, activities that require repetitive motions may place stress on arthritic joints.

Elder care can help seniors with osteoarthritis to avoid overexerting themselves by taking care of tasks that may be too difficult or tiring, such as cleaning the house.

#2 Changes in Weather

Changes in the weather can affect people with a few different kinds of arthritis. Cold weather and sudden changes in barometric pressure can cause joints to ache or swell.

Elder care can help to avoid flare ups due to the weather by ensuring the older adult dresses appropriately for the weather. Mittens, scarves, and warm clothing can protect arthritic joints.

#3 Some Foods

Certain foods can trigger flare ups for people with psoriatic or rheumatoid arthritis. Which foods cause a flare up will be different for each person.

Elder care can help determine food triggers by assisting family caregivers to keep a food journal in which they write down the foods the senior ate and what their symptoms were that day. Once food triggers are identified, elder care providers can prepare meals that don’t include the problem foods.

#4 Stress

People who have rheumatoid arthritis often experience flare ups after experiencing a time of heightened stress.

Elder care can make life less stressful for older adults. Knowing that an elder care provider will be visiting to check on them, assist with tasks, and provide companionship can reduce stress.

#5 Skin Injuries

Seniors with psoriatic arthritis can experience flare ups after suffering an injury to their skin, like a scrape, cut, or bruise.

Elder care can prevent injuries by offering older adults a steadying arm as they walk around the house. They can also keep the house tidy, putting away items that might otherwise cause the senior to trip.


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