Caregivers in Edison NJ: What Do Caregivers Need to Know about Respite Time?

Caregivers in Edison NJ: What Do Caregivers Need to Know about Respite Time?

Are you already taking respite time? If not, there may be some misconceptions about what respite time is that are holding you back. Here are some of the important facts you need to know about taking respite time as a family caregiver.

You Need Time Away

There are very few jobs, tasks, or responsibilities that require anyone to devote 100 percent of their time without a break. Even parents realize that they need child-free breaks now and again. Being a caregiver is no different. You need to be able to take time away from your duties and refresh yourself.

You Don’t Have to Structure Respite Time

A common misconception is that you have to have a “good reason” for respite time. In other words, you need a doctor’s appointment or a set meeting in order to properly take time away from caregiving. But that’s not true. If you want to take an afternoon away to simply do what feels right for you, that’s absolutely fine.

But Having a Plan Can Keep You on Track

If you’re new to taking time for yourself, however, having a plan can help you to feel as if you’re on target. Start out by writing down a list of the different things you would want to do with some time away. Then you can start planning those activities and making sure that there’s coverage in place while you’re away.

There Are Many Types of Respite Time

“Respite” is a broad, catch –all term for time away from your caregiving duties. That can mean that you’re taking an hour away for a nap or that you’re taking a week or two for a vacation. There’s no right or wrong length for respite time in order for it to “count” for you.

It Feels Weird at First

Many caregivers feel extremely weird about taking time away at first. It’s something that you’ll become more accustomed to, but at first, you feel as if you’re in the wrong place because you’re not taking care of your elderly family member. This is normal and the feeling will pass as you take care of yourself.

Taking respite time is not selfish. As a family caregiver, it’s actually quite essential.

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