Senior Care in East Brunswick NJ: Fidget Spinners vs. Fidget Cubes: Which is Better for Alzheimer's?

Senior Care in East Brunswick NJ: Fidget Spinners vs. Fidget Cubes: Which is Better for Alzheimer’s?

Many people who have Alzheimer’s disease will rub their hands without ever seeming to stop. In some cases, the constant friction may lead to sores. If you find a parent is doing this, consider buying a toy that keeps your parent’s hands busy. Fidget spinners and fidget cubes have become popular options for people with Alzheimer’s.

What Are Fidget Cubes and Fidget Spinners?

Fidget spinners are a popular toy that requires the user to manipulate the pocket-sized toy to get it to spin. The user holds the center of the spinner between the thumb and index finger and then flick it to get it spinning. The theory is that the motion distracts and calms someone who is agitated.

A fidget cube is a little different. It is a cube that has a different feature on each side. One side may have a switch you flip up and down. There’s a dial you spin around, gears that you manipulate, a joystick to move around, and buttons to press. It offers a little more for the user to do.

Which is Better For a Parent With Alzheimer’s?

Many patients with Alzheimer’s do well with the fidget spinner as it does fit in a pocket, which makes it easy to carry around. They are also quiet, so your mom or dad can use it at night when they can’t sleep. The range of activities is limited, however. If your parent gets very restless doing the same thing, you might find it difficult to keep them interested in the fidget spinner.

As a fidget cube has more activities, it may be more appealing to your loved one. It is a little harder to carry it in a pocket because it’s a cube rather than a flat device. It’s still small enough, usually under two inches, to fit in a pocket, though. The smaller size and range of activities makes it more appealing to many people with Alzheimer’s. The downfall is that it may simply be too small for a senior who has arthritis to use.

Other Options

If the size of a fidget cube or spinner isn’t appealing, there are companies out there who make fidget blankets, pillows, and dolls. These are larger and more useful to someone who has a harder time grasping small items. You can even make your own by sewing shoelaces, zippers, buttons, and beads on a string onto another object.

Hire a senior care provider to help you keep your mom or dad active and engaged. Call a senior care agency to discuss having a caregiver scheduled to give you breaks and be there for your mom or dad when you have other obligations.

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