Homecare in East Brunswick NJ

Homecare in East Brunswick NJAs a family caregiver you know how important it is to make sure that your elderly parent gets the nutrition that they need throughout their later years. What they eat makes a tremendous difference in how your parent manages their health and well-being, and their ability to resist health complications and issues. While you are focusing on making sure that they get the proper nutrition, however, you also want to give your loved one meals and snacks that they will enjoy. February 5 is Popcorn Day. This is the ideal opportunity for you to find creative ways to use popcorn as a simple basis for a wide variety of healthy and delicious snacks to satisfy your parent without throwing off their healthy eating plan. Air popped popcorn is low in calories and fat and high in fiber, making it a satisfying and tasty snack perfect for filling your loved one up and sneaking in extra nutrition.

Try some of these ideas for simple and delicious snacks that you can make using popcorn on Popcorn Day or at any other time throughout your care journey:

• Seasoned popcorn. Salt and butter may be traditional, but they can wreak havoc on your parent’s health. Instead, create a savory snack by spritzing popcorn lightly with heart-healthy olive oil and sprinkling with a no-sodium seasoning blend such as curry powder or Italian seasoning.

• Savory mix. Add nutrition to your parent’s snack with a savory snack mix bulked up with popcorn. Start with two cups of air popped popcorn and add in a few tablespoons of nuts and seeds, and a sprinkle of seasoning.

• Sweet mix. Satisfy a sweet tooth by adding dried fruit and small pieces of dark chocolate.

• Sweet and savory blend. The addition of popcorn allows your parent to enjoy more indulgent ingredients without overdoing it. Try combining olive oil, brown sugar, salt, garlic powder, and a pinch of cayenne in a skillet until blended, add in walnuts and pecans, and toast on a baking sheet at 375 degrees until fragrant. Blend these nuts into popcorn for more satisfaction and fewer calories.

Starting home care for your elderly loved one is an exceptional way to help them achieve and maintain a healthier diet as they age in place. Through a personalized approach to care, support, and assistance, this in-home senior care services provider can help your elderly loved one understand any dietary guidelines that they have, support them in designing a diet that will help them to keep their body healthy, assist them with tasks such as grocery shopping and meal preparation, and then integrate these concepts into their normal care routine so that they can continue to live the lifestyle that is right for them. This can not only help them to keep their body at its best and ward off health complications and issues, but can also promote better mental and emotional health as they maintain a greater sense of independence and control over their life.

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